Saturday, June 12, 2010

June Online Meeting

Items for discussion:

Re-evaluation of the U17 category: there is some confusion with the U17 category. Earlier we decided to make one U17 category, eliminating the Sport and Expert categories. The reason for eliminating these designations was to there were too many 2 person categories in the old system. It was thought that racers who were in this age bracket would could race as U17 OR one of SPORT, COMP, or EXPERT if they were strong enough to compete in those categories - most likely under the direction of the provincial coach. There has been some confusion with some of the racers in this category, not quite sure where they are suppose to go. The whole premiss of the MB Cup series is to create a system to put riders in categories where they can be competitive and challenged, but not overmatched. We also wanted to eliminate the number of categories (frankly having 1200 MB Provincial Cup champion jerseys out there cheapens their significance). Is this worth continuing?

Provincials: It is time to start planning the Provincials course out at Falcon. With the race this past weekend fresh in your mind think of elements you liked, disliked and want in a course. First reconnaissance will be July long weekend. Comment if you are interested in helping with this. An extended agenda of planning will be forthcoming.


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  1. I would say U17 and Junior should just be rolled into Adult categories. Specially if some are already there. Their results can still be tracked as U17 and Junior, but some in adult and some in U17 makes no sense and doesn't encourage competition. Let's try not to let them race in too high a category though (going from U17 Sport to Expert for example).